So far it’s been a great supplement and I plan on buying more

Since I started taking these I have noticed that I'm eating smaller portions and don't have the desire to snack as much. I also have stomach issues and since I started taking these my stomach doesn't seem to be giving me as many problems. So far it's been a great supplement and I plan on buying more.

Ursula Bolyard
Like the appetite suppress

Really good in the appetite suppressant side. I took the recommended dosage and noticed that my normal cravings had gone away day after day. While I haven't tracked my weight...these things are definitely helping with controlling my eating habits better.

Anchalee Robinson
This stuff is great! I am pleased with the results and how …

This stuff is great! I am pleased with the results and how this makes me feel. It curbs my appetite yet doesn't make me feel jittery like other appetite suppressants. It gives me energy and I have stopped drinking Starbucks because I feel the same amount of energy from these pills. I have lost a few pounds after I added this into my diet routine.the pills do not leave a terrible after taste and are not hard to swallow.

Christina Jackson
Five Stars

Supplement is nicely packaged with attractive labeling. It gives me more energy to keep up with my day.

Miza Jenni
two thumbs up for this product!

I got this for my mom who's been suffering from joint pain. having a 3 story house is a little bit different.so I thing of something that she can take as a support for knee and bones and this product she tried she like it coz she told me it feels like it make her feel 15 years younger 🙂 two thumbs up for this product!

Mylene K
Weight loss

I am excited to try this. I have had weight problems for years and I have heard good things about this product. It smells amazing too!

Traci B
Finally over the weight loss hump!

I have been walking a couple of times a week and I lost 20 lbs but I can't lose any more. So I bought these Rasberry Ketone to boost me over that hump. I have lost 2 more pounds and I'm excited! I have more energy and no side effects!

starsI’m not on a diet of any sort, just…

I'm not on a diet of any sort, just try to eat healthy. I also run and do cardio. I have noticed that my weight has dropped more because of this product. This product gives me more energy and less appetite.

Mary Anne Bebout
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